Recording guitar - latency


I’ve been writing a new guitar based track. Have been happily layering up some tracks recorded in to Cubase Studio 4 via an M-Audio Delta44. I had 6 tracks and all was going well. I’ve just tried adding a 7th track to add some lead and the latency is suddenly so bad that it’s almost impossible to play. Nothing has changed setup wise that i’m aware off. Buffer size is currently 256. I’ve tried changing this to no noticeable effect.

If I delete all but one guitar track in the project the latency stays as bad.

Now if I create a brand new project, add an audio channel and monitor the guitar input again it is fine. No noticeable latency at all. Anybody shed any light on this? Is it just the limitation of adding a few tracks?

Any help appreciated.

I’d first check that the ASIO driver hasn’t changed?

Then what FX are you using?

Yeah the ASIO driver is the same.

I originally had a compressor and amp simulator but i’ve tried removing those and still no better.

Is Constrain Delay Compensation enabled? Which ASIO driver is selected?

The Asio driver is the ‘M-Audio Delta ASIO’.

I’ve no idea what Constrain Delay Compensation is! :confused: