Recording guitar riffs heard on YouTube into Cubasis 3 - as a tool to learn

I am a 73 year old guitarist who retired from my field of engineering several years ago. I’ve played guitar most of my life for my own enjoyment. Is there a way to copy a guitar lead from a MP3 or Wav file or import the section of lead riff I’d like to learn, into Cubasis 3 and have it transcribed into staff music or Tablature that I can use to learn the riff. I also use Apps like Positive Grid and Guitar Pro. I read tablature fluently and my goal would be to have what I heard converted to Tablature so I can learn the riff at my own pace?

Hi LQBlues,
I am 3 years your junior and I also have retired from an engineering career. Your music background is virtually identical to mine, I used to build my own fx units, synths etc thanks to Practical Electronics, Elektor etc.
I have tirelessly looked for something that would convert Audio to tab, but the closest app I have found is called MIDImorphosis 2 from the App Store, I can’t remember how much it cost me but I don’t think it cost that much.
I have not used it extensively in Cubasis3 as yet, too many projects on the go at the same time…you know how it is. I intend playing my guitar into it and record it as Midi, I then use an App called Reflow where I can inport this midi track and it will convert it to both notation and tab, the big problem with the tab transcription is it doesn’t always display the tab where I would prefer to play, it moves up the fretboard from bottom E up to G then jumps to the A string and so on, so a lot of manual adjustments are required here, but at least this is something to think about. I have added a link for the MIDImorphisis 2 app, there is a new update but I have not checked it out yet. I have also added a YouTube demo for this app but I don’t think it includes the new updated features. Hope this helps in some way.

Thanks so much for your fast reply. Today was suppose to be my “music day” that I wanted to focus entirely on learning some blues leads - that was until we got slammed by Hurricane Hillary yesterday and the mature pepper tree in our front yard became a new pool feature. Finally, we had the tree removed, cut up and carted away.
I will look into the Apps you mention, thank you! I suppose one of the problems is transposing the music I hear played in different locations up and down the neck. The software would have to convert the riffs over six strings. For example, if we know the riff is in the key of A the software would have to attempt to spread the scale range centered around the fifth fret. However, knowing the basic I-IV-V chord patterns around the fifth fret position would be a good launching point. I’ve played with iRig multimedia devices, Positive Grid RIFf and the Bias FX App but I can’t seem to find clear instructions to copy a lead from Apple or Amazon music and be able to have it translated into Staff or Tablature. I don’t have an issue tweaking out alternative fingering from the chord that I’m improvising around.
I think the real problem is that I get stuck on a “Plateau” where I’m playing the same lead patterns until it becomes boring. I’m not sure if I’m making much sense but I think that you do understand. I met a local guitarist in my area and we got together a few times to jam, but I got the impression that he was as frustrated as I am and I owe him an apology for not following up or at least discussing this with him. We both were simply playing around basic I-IV-V patterns and we both sounded alike. I simply got board with what we were doing and began focusing on YouTube videos to watch the fretting hand and neck when a player comes along and shows me a riff, lick or improvise that triggers my interest and I hope someone worked out the Tab and offered it up online.
In your opinion, is Cubasis 3 the right tool or DAW to use and can I import a part or a complete “song” into it to get out of this rut? Keep in touch, it’s nice to find another “Boomer” interested in guitar styles. I’ll leave you with one question. Do you also play fingerstyle and have you ever heard of Kicking Mule Records? I go back to my self-taught education in the mid 1970s where I started learning to play fingerstyle guitar. Each CD came with a Tab Book from artists such as Stefan Grossman, the late John Renbourn, Duck Baker and many others. If these names are familiar to you then I’ll know we are on the same track. Good luck and thank you again for your fast reply.
La Quinta California

It’s good to hear you were not hurt in the storm, hopefully you didn’t suffer too much property damage, the world has gone mad with its hectic weather patterns!
About your question above - my honest answer……yes most definitely. For years I used Cubase on desktop, I never progressed further than Cubase SX 2 because that package did everything I needed and more, but Cubasis3 is awesome, I mainly use it for keyboard and creating my own backing arrangements, and many covers too, the amount of synth apps I’ve accumulated over the years, I’m glad I can carry them all around packed in my iPad :smile:
As for my guitar playing, I lost the first the first joints of my ring and middle fingers on my left hand when I was 17, so I have had to adapt to use mainly my index and little finger as much as possible with the occasional use of the shorties if they can reach the fret! 12 years ago I built a lap steel guitar made with cherry and pine, sounds like a desert lol, ( I have attached a couple of photos, I named it Mike B) but I could not get used to using picks on my right hand, I will get round to it one day. Strange as it may sound but I also play mandolin and mandola with no problems, the frets are closer together so my fingers (stumps) can reach them easily.
I am not familiar with the artists you mentioned but I will give them a listen. Over here in the uk I mainly listened to Tangerine Dream, Wishbone Ash, Joe Satriani, the good old Shadows, Steve Hillage and Gong, Ashra, too many to mention.