Recording hardware onto tracks like saturation etc.


I have a CraneSong HEDD 192 (a AD/DA converter with saturation unit built in).

I wish to record the saturation from the HEDD onto my tracks in Cubase 7.5

How do I set this up?

I guess its a cubase thing?

I’ve tried to read about it on tutorials and tutorials on youtube but I just don’t get it.

Any help is appreciated as hell!


To add saturation to already recorded tracks? Connect your sound card SPDIF in/out with HEDD192 out/in and route cubase tracks (input and output) to it.

its connected through AES. I have this setup:

RME HDSPe AES PCIe connected to my Cranesong Avocet II + Remote controller via AES digital. Then from the HEDD analogue OUT R & L connected down to my Cranesong Avocet II in R & L.

then connected from my soundcard to the Cranesong HEDD 192 IN via AES.

So how do I do? lol

its connected to my soundcard already, but when I print the saturation on the track it just doesnt get printed. if u get what I mean? it doesnt get recorded at all.

The saturation unit IS my AD/DA and saturation in one piece, so its always connected to soundcard. But when I record like normal I dont get the saturation part applied.

anyone ? please?

This way I’ve tried but it doesn’t work. Although I’ve tried to just put it on the insert and not as a send.

Come on, I really need help on this :astonished: please?

This vid might be more help?

I have seen this aswell, but I dont get it to work. This is what I first saw and tried.

Any other tips? is this how u do it? like in the vid

Sry can’t help beyond that, I’m about to go on this adventure myself with a Focusrite 18i20 on the way so I can use my hardware.

anyone else then? I’d really need to solve this problem

please? someone?!

There must be loads of folks here using hardware inside of Cubase? someone really has to have the knowledge for this.

And I would be extremely thankful if you’d share it with me as I’m having problems with setting it up.


Maybe ask CraneSong technical support, eh? :bulb:

I did and they say they are not familiar with cubase as its a cubase issue. anyone of u here should know the answer, no?

Holy moly, that is a very specialized, and precious sounding device.

I visited its website and read the manual… it appears that you would run anything you want to process right through the device. But I don’t know for sure. Did you try to route its analog ins and outs through your audio interface to use an an external effect?

The beginning of the manual is pretty funny though, if you like condescending sarcasm.


  1. Read these instructions
  2. Keep these instructions
  3. Heed all warnings
  4. Follow all instructions
  5. Do not use this apparatus near water
  6. Clean only with dry cloth
  7. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

No. I do not use their equipment. Based on the reply they gave you, I will NEVER buy/use their equipment.