recording help please

I must be doing something wrong here but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.
N5.5, macbook pro, Lion O/S, RME fireface 800 using the FW800 port.
Both FF800 & the project are 48k 16bit broadcast wav files.

When I record into the system, I have a recording of 2 seconds length in the info line… but when I look at it in the pool, it says it’s 4.014 secs in duration.
The algorithm column says it is “elastique Pro - Time”… whatever that means. N5 & all previous versions have been Standard - Mix or just standard.

It plays back ok but if I then send the file out it’s in reality all wrong.

This is doing my head in… help please??

think I’ve found part of the reason for the discrepancy…
I have a pre record buffer so there’s a 2 second handle on the front… DURR :unamused:

Go to your nuendo prefs

look under - Record/Audio

Set Audio Pre-record Seconds to 0 and see if it still happens