Recording in Cubase LE with Zoom UAC-8


We have the Zoom UAC-8 and Cubase LE.

We’d like to record the eight mono inputs to eight mono tracks in Cubase LE.

We have a Behringer XENY 2442 USB Mixer and would like to bring the tracks from Cubase LE into the board to be sent to our Monitors – two sets of Monitors, one Monitor set being fed from the Board’s Mains, the other feeding the Control Room, from Control Room Out on the Behringer Mixer.

Can Cubase LE be set-up to record eight mono tracks in one pass?

The download page for your bundled version of Cubase LE 8 states that it supports “24 MIDI, 8 instrument, 16 audio tracks and 8 physical inputs with up to 24-bit/192 kHz”, so yes.