Recording in Mono from Edirol UA 25 EX interface

I use an Edirol UA25EX as my audio/midi interface alongside Cubase 5. Appreciating each of a Mic and Guitar line in’s are mono signals, it seems that even so, the Edirol ONLY transmits a stereo signal via the USB to cubase. I can only therefore record these instruments into a stereo audio track (via a stereo in bus). When setting up a mono input bus in Cubase, no signal is recognised. This means i can only record in mono, albeit one side of a stereo track, and then have to flip the stereo track left to right, for a balanced/stereo sound, once i have recorded it. Now, am i missing something very simple here ? or is there a way in which i can get a mono track recognising the guitar or mic line in ? any kind helpers please ? :smiley:

Make sure you have:

  • Edirol’s ASIO driver selected (no DirectX, ASIO4ALL or “Generic” driver)
  • Have input bus in “VST connections” pointing to your Edirol’s inputs
  • Selected right input bus for your track
    Cubase can very well record one channel of stereo input into a mono track. Doing this all the time.

If still no success, please post screenshots of:

  • Device Setup -> VST Audio System
  • VST Connections -> Input
  • Your tracks inspector panel (showing inputs)

Jarno, you have made my day, it works. many thanks ! i knew it would be a simple fix. thanks again :smiley: