Recording in Montage - questions about automatic file properties

I see in the montage, by right-clicking the record button, we can use “automatic file properties”, or we can use “custom file properties”. According to the manual:

"The bit resolution of the recorded file is the same as the bit resolution that is defined for temporary files."

  1. It seems that maybe the default automatic file properties for recording should be different than the bit depth for temp files. There may be a benefit to using 32-bit float or 64-bit float for temp files… but why not record by default as 24-bit? Is there a benefit to recording as 32-bit float that I’m not aware of?

  2. Is there a way to change the default automatic file properties bit depth without changing the default bit depth for temp files? If not, then I’m assuming to record as 24-bit, I will need to select “custom file properties” every single time I record? If this is true, it may make sense to have a preference where we can set the default bit-depth for recording independently from the bit depth for temp files.


Once you have selected this option, it is persistent. Hence where is the problem?

Hehe… yep, you are correct. I should have tested it first before posting… Made incorrect assumptions…

What needs to be improved in this area, is the automatic naming.