Recording incoming Program Change

Hello folks,

I am evaluating Cubase Elements 7 (the trial version at this point), and it is being a little uncooperative. I need to get MIDI into it from various MIDI controllers, and everything is working fine for the most part. The one thing that I really need to be able to record and pass through to my VSTi’s is MIDI Program Change commands, and it just won’t do it for some reason. With a MIDI analyzer, I can see the Program Change commands come out (before entering Cubase), but then they don’t get passed through to the VSTi’s, nor will they get recorded.

The MIDI filters are set to pass everything except sysex. Everything MIDI is being recorded on the MIDI tracks, and passing through to the VSTi’s, except for Program Change commands.

Can anyone help me understand this ?

I’m wondering if I will able to do it in either Cubase Artist or Producer (or Elements, for that matter.)

If someone could please run this test, I would have my answer :

If you can send program change commands into Cubase (on multiple MIDI ports/channels simultaneously), and be able to change presets on a multi-timbral VSTi (meaning more than one MIDI channel at a time), and have it not only trigger those program changes, but also record them and be able to play them back, then I will be successful.

I will post this question to multiple forums in the hope of getting an answer from somewhere.