Recording input and output levels

This is probably easily solved but I am struggling for some reason…

I am recording audio. I set the record level and it is fine but the output level is too high and the guitarist (in this case) can’t hear the backing track. How can I lower the output level in the mix without lowering the input recording level? At the moment, I have to lower everything with the Stereo Out and then raise the playback of all of the other channels. there must be an easier way that I am missing.
I have disabled Control Room by the way.

Using Cubase 8.5 Pro on a Windows 10 PC

Simply lowering the monitoring playback of the recording track is the easy way…

Thanks but how do Ido this?

Grab the fader and pull it down :confused:

Odd…it’s usually the opposite problem and you have to turn down the backing to hear the recording track.

So the answers given may or may not be relevant depending on whether you’re monitoring via Cubase or via direct monitoring (and then whether Cubase direct monitoring or your interfaces own mixer)

As always: useful Infos in question Resultat in useful info in answer

Thanks for the replies. Grabbing the fader lowers the input. Tge input level is where I want it. In only want to lower the channelnplayback volume during recording. I am using a UR624 and direct monitoring is off. I can route to another channel and then lower the fader here but this seems a scatter. I have no external mixer.

Lowering the Audiotrack fader lowers the playback Volume.

Perhaps it might be useful to tell us what soundcard you are using and the input/output software that comes with it.

I use an RME Fireface UC which uses a software mixer “Totalmix”. In Totalmix I can adjust the balance between direct monitoring of the audio you are recording and the stereo out.