Recording Instruments

Hi guys, I was recording audio of my bass & guitar in Cubase Ai7 using my Yamaha MG16XU. When i record i can hear a good loudness of my instruments but when auditioning the recorded track its not as loud as it was during recording as if it was 70% less loudness only. In addition I was checking checking some videos in you-tube, their audio waveform were thick while mine were somehow thinner. My gain is already set to 3 o’clock & faders at 0db. Running my instrument through a DI box. Is this normal? can anyone provide some tips how to record instruments properly?

John–you know you can make your thin track larger (or louder)
by hi-liting the track then find the little white dot in the top center of the track
then left clicking on the dot and increase the values up.
The volume will get louder and the waveform will get larger.

I would say you have a gain structure problem going when you record.
IMO keep your Bass and guitar volumes up full on your instruments–set your mixer setting
High-- but don’t clip.

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS: The last I checked LE and Ai versions of Cubase
don’t have input and Trim controls like Cubase 7 & 8 have.
If you see or hear Clipping or Distortion- Back it off.
You can always increase the waveform after it’s recorded
like the above example. :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

PPS: Most interfaces have a “knob” that one side is set to input
and the other is set to computer. I always monitor and record off of Computer.
That way my recording and playback levels are the same.
Check and see if you have this Knob on your Yamaha mixer :question: