Recording Interface Too Old?

I recently got an updated version of LE 8 after over 10 years using the same interface with a crazy-old version of Cubase. I used a Mac for those 10 years with the old software, and now I’m using a PC with the new software. Is it normal that my interface would not be recognized? Do I need to get a newer one?

It might help to know which interface you’re using. You’ll have to install its drivers.

It’s like a Yamaha 6 or something, will need to check

I’t’s a Yamaha Audiogram 6

Download the driver from here:

If you feel the need to replace that old interface, the closest modern equivalent is the Steinberg UR series, which is also manufactured by Yamaha:

They should have slightly higher audio quality, and all models except the UR12 and UR22(mkII) come with exclusive effects like the popular Yamaha REV-X reverb.

Awesome, thanks so much