Recording internal from pc question

Hi guys I’m a bit new to this so sorry if this gets asked all the time…
I’m trying to record from a film playing on my pc internally to either Cubase 5 or Wavelab to take a sample but I cant seem to route the sound, i’m using XP and the the unit is playing the sound fine but I just cant route it to record?
All the drivers are loaded and swiched to the MR816.
Please help…

unfortunately there is no loops back/or any kind of internal routing to MR816 !
you have to connect analog or digital output with physical cables to MR analog/digital inputs

Edit: there are some 3rd party routing software solution i think… don’t remember the names of them.

“Jack” creates virtual in/out. It’s what you are looking for.
Google for more.

Cheers guys…
Is there an easy way to check that the reverb on the unit is working OK without going through Cubase?
If I’m playing back an old mix through head phones, can I not just as reverb to the whole mix?