Recording internal midi (burn midi)

Hello in my exemple you see that scaler 2 is sending midi data to stage73 vst, is there a way to print the midi data that stage73 is recieving/generating into an event ?


If you mean “convert the MIDI to an audio event” then you right click on the MIDI event and select “Render in Place” and that will convert your MIDI to audio.

No I mean convert the Midi single notes into another midi event containig the chord that triggered

If you just want to know what chord the single notes are from, you could just add a chord track and drag the event up and see the detected chords displayed.
Check here (Chord Functions) to see if what you’re trying to do is covered otherwise, this sounds like a job for the Project Logical Editor.

If I understood correctly, search for Merge MIDI in loop in the Operation Manual

Simply add a new MIDI Track and set Scaler 2 as the input, so that when you record both at the same time you have the single notes on the Scaler 2 track, and the outputted chords on the MIDI track.

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