Recording internal (system) audio with MR816x

I am using A Steinberg Mr816x as my audio interface with Sonar X1. The Steinberg is not capable of recording system audio (i.e. internal audio). I some times like to record what I have done in Sonar directly to another audio recorder but cannot do that now. I also am making some tutorial videos of the workflow with Sonar and Vienna Ensemble/MIR and would like to record the audio as it happens in Sonar. Someone told me the way to overcome this is to use a small mixer (e.g. Mackie 802 VZL3) and send audio out of the Steinberg into the mixer then back into the Steinberg from the mixer. Does this sound viable?

Any other suggestions of ways to do this?

Thank you,


Would love an answer to this as well.

can’t figure out how to record what I hear.

What I do is connect the SPDIF out to SPDIF in (coax or optical, doesn’t matter). Then I set up WDM Audio routing to use the SPDIF out, and define the SPDIF in as a stereo input to Cubase.

Your Windows audio goes out the SPDIF, and right back into be recorded, digital all the way.

Works fine.


Thanks, js1. I was looking for this.