Recording into Wavelab unreliable for me

I’m trying to update some old vinyl, using Wavelab to do the recording. I can rely it to miss a half second or so per side of a record. I can sometimes tell when it is happening, mostly not. Seems like any background process interupts the capture. It doesn’t result in a dropout, the file still plays continuously, it just sounds like the record skipped when playing back.

The other day the Wavelab shortcut bar suddenly popped up during a capture. Sure enough, a skip resulted.

My workaround is to switch to Cubase for the capturing, as this NEVER happens over there.

The PC has been optimized for audio. No antivirus is installed.

Anybody else having an issue like this?

I’m afraid you are not the only one.

I’m afraid you’re one of maybe few, possibly the only one. What audio hardware, driver used and buffer setting are you using?

As per my hardware profile, I’m using an MR816csx. I usually max out the buffer when working in Wavelab. I keep my drivers updated, too.

PS, I like the Bach quote.

Well… i can tell you he’s not the only one for sure but that’s another story.
I thought that he was talking about re-recording what was played back to be honest.

Well, I was exaggerating a bit towards the bold statement of not being the only one… :slight_smile: But anyway, I see this MR816csx is a firewire unit, and firewire can indeed be troublesome in Win7 setups.

I myself have the Tascam DM3200 firewire interface, using a mother board with a VIA VT6308 firewire chipset which in my combo works great. It is said generally though, that Texas Instruments firewire chipsets are more reliable - and with problems in this area to revert to the Windows Legacy driver. Strange though that Cubase is OK…

When the shortcut bar suddenly appears it is probably the result of some other program grabbing the focus of your computer. This has happened to me in the past. Not sure what program caused it but auto updates, auto de-frag or optimizations. These type of supposed background tasks could grab the attention away from Wavelab.

My main problem with Wavelab recording is that it is very difficult to tell where the file is going to be placed. The record window changes focus from placing the file on the montage timeline, the wave edit window or the track chosen. I wish the record dialog told you what part of the program it is recording to.

I discovered that Adobe Flash interupts the processor EVERY HOUR to see if the auto update feature is turned on, even if you have auto update turned OFF! How much sense does that make? Adobe technical support documentation states that this is only takes “a few milliseconds,” implying it can do no harm. :laughing: I don’t yet know that this was the (only?) cause of the problem. Anyway, I uninstalled Flash on my music machine. Time will tell.