Recording iPhone app into Cubase

I have a favorite synth app on my iPhone I’m hoping to record into a Cubase project. I’ve got the phone connected via thunderbolt, and have it enabled in both the audio prefs and the audio midi setup. However, when I create an audio track I can’t find it as a hardware input option in Cubase.

I know the connection works because I can record the app just fine into my other DAW (adobe audition); also, I know Cubase can see the iphone because it’s there as an ASIO option.

What routing magic am I missing?


Possibly that Cubase can only use one asio device at a time?

Thanks for the response. I guess I was hoping the iphone app could be played and recorded, like an instrument (that just happened to be input via cable).

Create an aggregate device in AMS and you should be able to. That will make one audio driver out of the two so you can select those inputs in Cubase, change the audio device to the Aggregate one

Thank you!