Recording issue with Cubase AI6

Hi there, this is my first time using a Cubase product, and I’ve encountered a bit of a problem.

Setting up went smoothly, the device I’m working with (Yamaha Audiogram3) works, the track I set up is ready to go, so then I click record and play the guitar part.

However, when I click stop, the bar indicating that I have recorded a track disappears, and I am left with no recording. I’m sure this is a really simple mistake, but I’m completely stumped as to fixing it. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

At least MIDI tracks behave like this, if there was no MIDI events to record. So, is this a MIDI (or instrument) track? If so, check your track input settings.

It’s an instrument track, yes. I am currently using mono as input.

I noticed that the clipping indicator wasn’t registering any sound being made at all (though this is not a problem with the connection as far as I can tell - the guitar is audible in my headphones and the Audiogram3 and my computer seem to be co-operating). I hope this helps.

Thank you.

Are you arming the individual track to record? (See the red button on the left near the top?)

Sounds like you are trying to record a guitar to a MIDI track!!! (instrument track is also MIDI)

Create an Audio track.