Recording issue with external mic + preamp


I have started recorded an acoustic guitar with an external preamp (Roland UA1010) with two external mics (Oktava mk12) connected to it. Although I have had some issues when recording. Cubase starts recording (audio track) but it does it for 60 seconds or so, and then it stops and the track after the 60 seconds becomes completly blank and sometimes does not record more than 5-10 seconds and then the same thing happens. Any idea of what is hindering the recording process?
The goals is just to record an acoustic guitar with two mics (two audio tracks, alternatively one audio track in stereo).
Both mics and the Roland are properly connected and I have checked this by opening the software the comes with the UA-1010. During the recording process I do not play louder or more silent.

Thanks for the help,


Punch Out active on the transport panel?

I ll try that… do I need to set the VST parameters to stereo, mono or?

Hi Nuno,

please disable the “ASIO Guard” in “Devices -> Device Setup -> VST-Audiosystem” and see if that helps.


Not quite sure what you mean here but if you are making a stereo recording using two microphones (XY or other setup) you’d usually record onto a stereo track. The routing of the microphones takes place in the audio hardware and via VST connections. Or if you want to maintain separate control of the signal from each mic you’d need to record two mono tracks.

Luis Dongo: thanks, it helped!
Stingray: yes, I intend to record one stereo track rather than two mono tracks but I think I have figured it out.