Recording Issue

Hello All,

I have been using the same Raid configuration with multiple machines with no issue. On one of my newer systems though I have had it happen where Nuendo won’t punch out of record for a short period of time and my machine seems to freeze. No audio is heard but after the pause i can see a strange long ghost region the duration about equal to that of the freeze. The region is ghostly as it can’t be selected until I punch in and out again. It is quite troubling behaviour as it has happened now twice in a record session. I am not sure where the problems stems from. It comes with some graphical weirdness as well as no response from the disks. Any advice would be very helpful.

N6.0.7 Win7 64 i5 Haswell Areca Raid SAS


ASIO guard?

I believe it was just a disc speed issue and ASIO guard was preventing me from seeing it as such. It works well then I guess…