Recording issues - loud screeching/low playback volume

I’m using the CI 2 box with Cubase 5. I have a lot of issues with playback, if I get any at all, assuming this is a soundcard issue that needs to be addressed. I get a high volume/pitched feedback that makes an unbearable screeching noise. I know this could be a number of issues but I’m not quite sure where/how to start addressing them. I have three options for ASIO drivers, a generic low latency driver, an ASIO directx full duplex driver, or the Yamaha steinberg usb ASIO. The only one that works for recording and any type of playback is the generic low latency driver.

My plans for recording aren’t overly ambitious, I either try to plug a guitar directly into the back of the CI 2 box or record with one or two condenser mics. Another issue I have picked up on is when I plug directly into the box, if I get anything to play back the volume is terribly low but it also picks up other sounds in the room (?) as if the computer was recording independent of the direct line in. I’m not sure if this is because the steinberg usb asio is not selected, but when it is, it doesn’t always pick up on the input.

My current set up is a Dell Inspiron 1525, Intel Core 2 Duo T5550, 1.83GHz, 667Mhz, 2ML2 Cache. Only a few years old but I have been considering scrapping it as this is not an optimal machine for music production. I’m hoping if I upgrade to a MacBook pro with a 7200 rpm hd this would solve at least some of my issues.

I appreciate any input, sorry if anything I listed was not clear.


the only driver you should use is the Yamaha Steinberg one. Make sure you have the latest installed:

Go to Cubase -> Devices -> Device setup -> Yamaha Steinberg -> Control panel and see if it helps to raise the buffer size. You’re computer specs are a bit on the low side so you might need to yank it up a bit. A new computer would probably solve all your problems (Or maybe not all but everything related CI2 and Cubase :wink:).

See this excellent thread here for more troubleshooting advice:


Thanks Emil. I adjusted the buffer and used only the Steinberg driver. I recorded two tracks as a test and it sounded surprisingly good! I’m assuming as the recordings become more advanced and more tracks are added, having a crappy computer will catch up to me…