Recording issues with Cubase 10.

Hi all. Very recent crossover from Digital Performer here. I’ve been setting up Cubase to work my way and so far so good till today.
I put up a live mic for the first time, and I can’t get any sound into Cubase.
Now, let me give you as much info as I can because although I’m new to Cubase, I’m a veteran of DAWs. and all DAW related forums, so I did do plenty of research and while I’m sure there’s a perfectly silly reason why this is happening, rest assured that I’ve searched the internet at length for the past two days.
First and maybe most important point, everything works fine in DP still. I use a 828 MK3 hybrid connected to my Mac pro 5,1 through firefire. Al the inputs are named and show up properly in both DP and Cubase. The 828 is selected as my ASIO driver and I only use the main out of the 828.
All internal sounds, VSTIs and effects work fine and go through the 828 without problem. When I plug a mic into the 828 it shows on the meter of the interface but when I arm a new track with that input in Cubase, I can’t get any sound to show into the DAW. The exact same scenario works flawlessly in DP as I said so I know that everything is connected properly.
I’m at a loss. Can someone suggest something I’m overlooking?
Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

If you are on macOS 10.14 or higher, double-check this:

  • System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Microphone > Cubase is enabled here.