Recording Issues

I am using the Cubase AI5 software on a mac. When I click outside the Cubase window while recording an audio project, the recording does always stop. This is very annoying since it is preventing me from working parallel on other stuff on the mac. Thanks for helping me on this one.

I’m on Windows and Cubase 6 so it might we worded slightly different, but in the device setup, where you select your ASIO driver there should be an option to “release audio driver when in background”. You want it NOT checked.

Thanks jaslan for the quick reply.
Will test it out, the setup on AI5 is the same.

Surly that should be checked?

If you want to be able to switch to another application, like Adobe Reader, or Internet Explorer, and have Cubase keep control of the audio driver so it continues to play or record, it needs to be NOT checked. Meaning when the “focus” goes to another application, the driver will not be released.
I could have it wrong but I don’t think so…

No, you´ve got it right.


Must have had a Sir Dancelot moment :laughing:

lol, poor dylan :laughing: