recording issues

Hi to all,

greetings from Canada. Last Holidays, I got myself this great CI 1 USB Audio Interface. I put it on my PC and works great.

Now, I put it on my laptop and when I try to record, the sound goes on and off and when I don’t record, I can hear the sound.

Anyone can help?

Thanks! :wink:

Me too I have the same issue. When I record, the sound goes off while im singing and the part where I sing when this occurs, is not recorded. That was for the very reaosn why the salesman told me to get this sound card and a real mic instead of a usb microphone and now I’m waisting valuable time on a forum.

Hi All

I have come across this problem I “think” it is to do with the power being supplied by the USB bus, ie it’s not quite enough on the laptop, that is why it works on a desktop which doesn’t have the same power issues. It might be worth trying a powered hub, I know it is recommended NOT to do this for audio interfaces but it might sort the problem out.

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Thanks Dave! :wink:

Hi all,

I’m running a CI1 for all my recordings and I only use a laptop (see spec in my sig), and I have never had this happen to me!!

What are your system specs? What DAW’s are you using?

Jim B