recording iTunes etc into Cubase without audio interface???

Hi all,

I was wondering if there was any way of routing the audio output of my MacBook Pro directly into Cubase 6.5 without the use of an audio interface card. I want to be able to record music I’m listening to on iTunes or streaming audio on the internet (eg from Grooveshark) etc, without the hassle of using my RME Babyface or UFX.

I know this is possible with the interfaces by using the loopback feature, but I can’t seem to get any audio from any other programs/internet into Cubase directly without the interfaces… would be very useful in a mobile situation!

Any clues??



Can you use File>Import>Audio File?
Quite a lot of file types are supported


I don’t know about the built in audio interface of macbooks, but most onboard audio interfaces don’t support that kind of routing.

This capability is disabled to prevent “recording” streaming digitally copyrighted media. On Windows, there is a way to do it by enabling the “stereo mix” virtual device which is “hidden”. I don’t know about doing it on OS though… Since asking Apple how to record streaming media from iTunes probably won’t get you an answer, you might try asking Google (how ironic).

Well I guess that makes sense! googling didn’t come up with anything, so guess it isn’t possible :frowning:

Thanks anyway

Hi Jaslan (or anyone else if you see this before the J man) -

I have a laptop that I’d like to have play Pandora into an analogue-only home receiver (without wireless capabilities).

Where is this “stereo mix” for me to enable that you speak of (“hidden”?)?

And could I route it out my laptop’s stereo headphone output into a the receiver with the right connections? Would I need to use my preamp?

Thanks much -

Too lazy to Google the answer?

Welcome back! :slight_smile: Google, wow, thanks!

“You’re gonna need an ocean, of Calamine lotion …” :laughing:

The “Stereo Mix” bus is already routed to the headphone output…
It is just a “Virtual Device” that you can select as the source for recording.


Thanks, Jaslan, I got my Pandora out of the home speakers, yea!

I don’t need to “record what I hear” for now, but my Latitude D630 running XP seems to have everything grayed out except the microphone input for “sound recording” in the control panel. If I ever need to do that I’ll check back here.

Thanks again, J!