Recording jumps to "previous" bar or something?

is there a way to start recording in the middle of a measure? I have my cursor at 28.25 but when I hit record it jumps to 28. Is it possible to record at this exact junction, given my song isn’t ligned exactly on the 4/4 signature, but I’m not sure what it is ?

Is using Punch In and option?

There must be something additional involved. I just tested and can start recording mid-measure fine.

You could put that time location into the punch-in field?

Yeah, but that’s more of a workaround for a problem the OP shouldn’t be having in the first place. They should be able to put their Cursor wherever they want and start recording from there.

Nothing obvious comes to mind about the cause.

@gagomes can you describe how you are going about making the recording - especially anything special in the process that might effect the Transport’s operation. For example having the Arranger Track Enabled or using an external clock. Do you initiate the recording with a mouse click, Key Command, Macro or external controller? Snap settings? Pretty much grasping at straws here.

You don’t have Count-In active by any chance? I think that would make the project cursor jump to the start of next bar.


Yes, since it clicks through the specified number of bars before starting playback/record, it automatically starts at beat 1 / start of bar.
The OP doesn’t precise if pre-count is enabled, but, could it be possible that it is enabled and set to 0 ? I think the minimum value is 1.

That said I don’t understand why they would absolutely want to start recording at exactly 28.25 when it is easier to do it from a few beats earlier. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You can trim it later anyway.


Does the ‘snap-to-grid’ button affect the position of the start of the recording cursor?

Yes, to the extent that it restricts where the Cursor can be placed. But since the Cursor begins in a position off of the beat (i.e. it has already been placed) it won’t impact anything.

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