Recording key switch information?

I currently have KS activated on a lot of tracks. What bugs me is that I am not able to record the keyswitches. Say I noodle around with my keyboard and changes from a staccato to a legato articulation. All the midi notes get recorded, except for the notes that are in the keyswitch area. Is possible to record the KS information as well?

I don’t use keyswitch VSTi’s but normally if you’re recording to a midi track then every note gets recorded. This will then be routed to the VSTi. So, are you using instrument tracks instead, is this what’s causing the KS notes not to be recorded perhaps?


If you have remote keys set up in an expression map, those keys will not get recorded.

Oh…too bad. I both like to have expression maps on my tracks AND record key switch information. It’s much faster than having to manually set keyswitches after the fact.

Sorry, I was unclear about the fact that I use expression maps. When the MIDI tracks are setup like that, key switch information does not get recorded, unfortunately. Which is something I would really like.

Unless I am missing something here, your expression data (i.e. “articulations”) is getting recorded (but not the key note that triggered it). If you wish to then make changes, just go into the Key Editor, making sure that the VST Expression Lane is open, and change the articulation from there.

Vic is right.

But it did not work when I tried. The problem was the keyswitches were different from the remote keys. Once I set them to the same values they worked and recorded too. I did not intuit that previously and did not use remote keys.

Vic, you again have learned me somethin’. I’ll get back at you for that one day.