Recording L&R outputs from a synth but getting no right channel to mixer

Hi, I’m going slightly mad, so any help would be appreciated.
I’ve connected my SY 22 synthesiser to my Mackie mixer via the left and right audio outputs. I have gone into the Mackie mixer using two separate channels panic one hard left and one hard right for the relevant outputs.
I play the demo from the SY 22 just to get a sound check and I can hear perfect stereo coming through the monitor speakers but if I drag the left main mix slider on the mixer down to 0 the signal goes completely going into Cubase.
If I leave the main mix left and right sliders levelled out equally to record the demo from the synth, I get what looks like a stereo recording but it is in fact just the right channel on both channels.
I have tried this in Sony sound forge just to test if it was Cubase that was causing the problem but it is doing exactly the same in sound forge. I can hear the perfect stereo image, with sounds coming from left and right, but it seems like my system is only recording the left channel.
I have an EMU0404 soundcard and my setup goes like this…
Synths and mic go into the Mackie 1402.
The stereo outputs of the Mackie mixer then go to the inputs of my Emu0404. The outputs of the Emu0404 then go to my monitors.
Everything seems to be correct and stereo.
For me to hear the stereo image that I want to record, but when I record it it’s just in mono tells me it’s something to do with the PC input stage.
Any thoughts would be most helpful as I’ve tried everything.

Ok, I’ve found that when I switch over to ‘Generic Low Latency Driver’ it then records the stereo image, but when I change back to ASIO Driver, it goes back to losing the right channel.
I have now worked out what the problem was for those having the same issue.
If you go to Device set up, then go to your driver which is displayed underneath VST audio system, you will then see in the display window all of your ports that are active or inactive. Both my PCI inputs R-3 & R-4 ports were inactive but both of the left ports were active. To make the inactive ports active again I had to go to devices and then VST connections. Or press F4 to open up the VST connections window.
Under device port you will see your available buses. Click on one of them. In my case it was the stereo right bus which was displaying PCI In L-2. Click on the device port to see the drop down list and then you can choose the correct port, in my case it was PCI In R-3. I now have true stereo!