Recording latency impossible to record

Cubase 8 artist. Tascam US 144 MKII interface. I had to return to my Tascam interface since my Steinberg interface is broken. Meanwhile, I am unable to record audio tracks, especially vocal since the latency is just terrible. When I set the Tascam ASIO driver to “Lowest Latency” I get Input 2.653, output 12.3 and the delay is just unbearable. When I set the ASIO driver to “Highest Latency” I get input 13.1, output 36.8 and the delay is bad but still better . It is as if my logic is reversed, as if I would get a better latency when I pick “Lowest”, why is that? Secondly, what can I possibly do with this USB interface and with the VST Audio System parameters to improve the latency? Suggestions?

problem fixed?