Recording left and right hands separately

Hello Cubasians !
I’m sure you know the following midi keyboards:
Akai lpk 25
m-audio keystation88
korg pa300
Please tell me what to write in the Midi Transformer filter to have the right hand and the left hand on each of them.
So I want 2 keyboard areas. So I will use 2 staves, each with its own channel and each with its own Midi Transformer filter. OK. But I don’t know what to write in the Midi Transformer filter windows.
This MidiTransformer filter has no real use examples for dividing keyboards into zones. We are only told that it can also be used to divide the keyboard into the area for the left hand and the area for the right hand.
From m-audio keystation88 I have the Xpand! 2 plugin by AIR Music Tech where I can divide the keyboard into the area for the left hand and the area for the right hand.
The korg pa300 synthesizer also has the possibility of dividing the keyboards into 3 zones. Usually the keyboard is divided into 2 areas: area for accompaniment and area for solo singing.
So I know what it’s about, but I don’t know what to write in the Midi Transformer filter window.
I wrote about Akai lpk 25 because I want to assign its first octave to one track and its next octave to another track.
In addition to the division into zones, there is also transposition, which must also be written in the Midi Transformer filter window.
Thank you.
I used Google Translate
This is the original text:
Sunt sigur că știți claviaturile midi următoare:
Akai lpk 25
m-audio keystation88
korg pa300
Vă rog foarte mult să-mi spuneți ce să scriu în filtrul Midi Transformer pentru a avea mâna dreaptă și mâna stângă la fiecare dintre ele.
Deci vreau 2 zone de claviatură. Deci voi folosi 2 staves, fiecare cu canalul său și fiecare cu filtrul său Midi Transformer. Ok. Dar nu știu ce să scriu în ferestrele filtrelor Midi Transformer.
Acest filtru MidiTransformer nu are exemple de utilizare reală pentru împărțirea claviaturilor pe zone. Ni se spune doar că el poate fi folosit și la impărțirea claviaturii în zonă pentru mâna stângă și în zonă pentru mâna dreaptă.
De la m-audio keystation88 am pluginul Xpand!2 by AIR Music Tech unde pot împărți claviatura in zonă pentru mâna stângă și zonă pentru mâna dreaptă.
Sintetizatorul korg pa300 are și el posibilități de împărțire a claviaturilor în 3 zone. În mod obișnuit claviatura fiind împărțită în 2 zone: zonă pentru acompaniament și zonă pentru cântat solo.
Deci știu despre ce este vorba, dar nu știu ce să scriu în ferastra filtrului Midi Transformer.
Am scris despre Akai lpk 25 deoarece vreau ca prima sa octavă să o aloc unei piste iar următoarea sa octavă să o aloc altei piste.
În afară de împărțirea pe zone, mai intervine și transpunerea, care și ea trebuie scrisă în fereastra filtrului Midi Transformer.
Vă Mulțumesc.

Actually, I don’t know these. But, with two MIDI/Instrument tracks, I would set, for both of them, the Input transformer as Local and with these in it, C3 being the separation key :

  • For the track supposed to receive left hand :

  • And for the track supposed to receive right hand :

What is important is the Filter value for the Function setting in the lower part of the Input Transformer window. We could also use the MIDI channel as the separation criteria, but not all keyboards are able to emit MIDI notes in two different channels. But if the case, using channels 1 and 2, things would look like this :

First track :

Filter target          Condition                        parameter 1               parameter 2                                 bool
Channel                Equal                            1

                                   Function       Filter

Second track :

Filter target          Condition                        parameter 1               parameter 2                                 bool
Channel                Equal                            2

                                   Function       Filter
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You could also record all data to 1 track and separate the hands by the MIDI Channel. Then use this Input Transformer, please:

Filter Target
( Type is | Equal | Note | And
Pitch | Bigger | C3 )

Action Target
Channel | Set to fix value | 2

Function: Transformer

This expects, your MIDI keyboard sends the data at MIDI Channel 1 (what is the case in 99.9%).

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Yep. Another way to see this… :slightly_smiling_face:

What I would like to know, though, is if @cubase_11 wants to use a fixed separation key or not.


Of course, this is critical for both our approaches.

That Pitch was hidden under Parameter 1.
I think that’s how you answered me.
I’ll check your solutions and I’ll be back.

Please try on your keyboard your solution and then write here.
Any way was a very useful your information, but unfortunately without solving the problem.


You didn’t enable the Module.

In this case, I don’t have to test it again. I have provided this exact advice many times already.

what Module ?

Screenshot 2021-09-18 at 13.05.36

This button.

Please wait a few minutes, I will use LOCAL, and not on List of Midi Effects, and ofcours I will set on that button. I will be back with a new image.

Not work !


As I said, please, don’t combine the 2 approaches. Go for only one, please.

In your case, it seems, you decided for the 1st approach. So remove the Action Target in the both of the Input Transformers and set the Function to Filter.

And it also looks, you are using the Input Transformers the other way around. I would expect, you want to play the “melody” on the violin. Therefore use the Pitch | Bigger | C3 on the Violin track and the Pitch | Less or Equal | C3 on the Piano track, to get the “chords” there.

One midi keyboard for two tracks each with his midi channel, please. Two tracks , two midi channels, please. One midi keyboard used on two tracks, with diferent channel numbers, from C2 to B2 is track 1 on channel 1, and from C3 to C4 is track 2 on channel 2. First track is on channel 1 and using C2 to B2, and the second track is on channel 2 and using C3 to C4.
Not one track for two midi channels on one midi keyboard
For trying I use akai lpk 25kbmidiakailpk25


Please, don’t use the multi-channel approach. It’s too complicated for your exact use case.

Just copy exactly, what @cubic13 offered.

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My wish is to use the accompaniment on the korg pa300 synthesizer and solo singing using the sounds from the synthesizer and / or the sounds from the Arturia v collection 8 plugins.
That is, to expand the range of sounds of the synthesizer. :slight_smile:
It was not correct what I wrote, because with akai lpk 25 I only have one channel. And so your solution is correct, but in the first part of the keyboard I have only violin and in the second part of the keyboard I also have violin and piano. I will see how to have the first part of the keyboard unused, and the second part of it used, which would correspond to the situation where I would have the keyboard on the synthesizer, where the first two octaves of the keyboard are used for the introduction of self-accompaniment chord triggers.

ThankYou very much cubic13 !
ThankYou very much Martin. Jirasek !

Your solution is for fixed spliting note, C3, and this is what i want.
By the way How we can do mobile spliting place ? :slight_smile:


I’m glad you sorted it out.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to make a dynamic split point. You would need to decide by any other condition. For example, if Velocity is bigger than (with expectation you okay the melody louder than the background track). You could also use something like if the number of currently pressed MIDI Notes is Bigger, etc. There are some options, but not anything as clear as the static split point.

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Herr professor ! I learned from You to write ecuations ( expressions, or maybe, routines ) for Transformer effect. :slight_smile:


  1. Violine
    chann 1
    Bank off / Program 41
  2. Local
    Filter Target
    ( Type is | Equal | Note | And
    Pitch | Outside Range | C2 F2 | And
    Pitch | Outside Range | F3 C4 | And )
    Action Target
    ( - )
    Function: Filter