recording line in and mic into 2 separate tracks

i just want 2 tracks recorded separately from a line in and mic input… ive tried panning left and right but i still get both instruments recorded into 1 track… mono, stereo, doesnt make a difference…bus inputs are mono and i dont really know what im looking for or how to do it… im no engineer, just a muso trying to record some demo stuff … :confused:

What audio interface are you using? In Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System, what is your ASIO driver?

Um… no VST Audio System option but in VST multitrack it has 2 ASIO drivers present, Direct X Full Duplex driver and Multimedia driver. I have noticed an ASIO4ALL V2 was there on another soundcard i had in the machine but died, and isnt an option with this one…
Multimedia driver is the one thats checked

We don’t officially support sound cards that do not have a dedicated ASIO driver. I would recommend getting an audio interface that has a dedicated ASIO driver. This will likely give you better latency, more reliability, and better sound quality. There are devices from Steinberg, Yamaha, Alesis, Presonus, MOTU, Lexicon, Tascam, etc.

That said, if you are using the generic sound card I would suggest installing asio4all again and using that as it tends to be the most successful of the generic drivers. I hope this information helps.

im looking at a second hand m-audio 1010lt card, which seems to suit what i need to be able to do so will post back when i have that and let you know how it goes and if i have any issues :slight_smile: cheers for the help