Recording Live Agents

What is the basic step by step workflow in “setting up” a “Live” recording of four Agents simultaneously? For example: 1.Acoustic Agent-Smooth Affection; 2. Percussion Agent-Smoothie; 3. Beat Agent-Freqout & 4. Beat Agent-Marching Madness. I can play the four Agents simultaneously and choose which pads play on the Overview tab. I enabled Record on the Groove Agent track, pressed the Record button on the Transport, selected a “pad” and hit the Play button above the pad section but nothing recorded. In the Inspector panel in Cubase the MIDI channel is set to 1. If anyone can explain the set-up workflow I would be most grateful!

Windows 7, i7 CPU, 920 @ 2.67 GHz, 24 GB RAM, Cubase 7, 64 Bit

They Cant. obviously. Very disappointed in this GA4. Should be like GA3 , but 64bit with better samples and drum maps. They tried too hard. I haven’t touched it in 2 weeks, im so mad about it. I was waiting for it and counting on it for a year and a half. Before I stopped using it, I used it as a drum sound module on old GA3 tracks, 32 bit. If that’s all I get out of it, major failure! I am so upset. Further more, if a composer wants to edit drum tracks and make patterns, that should be done in Cubase, or another DAW, not the GA4 interface. Confusing overkill. The competitors are laughing right now. :laughing:

Thank you for your response. I will ask this question at the next Club Cubase webinar this month. Until then I’ll drag & drop the “Pad” samples into the GA4 track. The ultimate goal in using Cubase for me is “Recording” & "Exporting the Audio Mixdown.