Recording LP tracks

For the 1st time I want to use WL 9.5 for recording LP tracks. The trouble I have is setting up the recording params to get the tracks separated when recoding. Things like Autostop at Silence and how long should I set the silence in order for WL to recognise the next track is playing on my LP player.

Any body done this before…? :smiley:

I have used WL in the past for this - but now I do my work in iZoTope RX. When I transfer vinyl - my end goal to have the results in separate tracks and sound as good as a album ripped from CD - so this involves some work.

When tracking an LP into an audio editor - I never bothered with having WL stop and start based on silence or levels. It’s easier to record the whole LP side in one go. Then in the resulting 23 minute file - go in with WL and fix pops, clicks and other nonsense, insert the proper fades on each song and then insert markers where each track begins. Then use the Batch Processor to create separate (named) FLAC files based on the markers.

This gives me a perfect replica of the album, with individual tracks. Your mileage may vary dependent on how far you want to go with it.


Thanks for the work flow. I have tested this and works for me