Recording MIDI after cursor, but event fills whole track

Dear Users and Steinberg-Team,

I recently stumbled upon an issue which I had before, and I know that there is a solution for it, I had found it before. But I forgot :S.

Here is my issue:

When starting to record (Num*) MIDI-Data, usually the respective Event/Part should start at the bar/second/frame where you started recording and end at where you stopped your recording.

Because of the Record Mode “Start at Cursor” enabled, the cursor position is where I started recording. However, the “borders” of the recorded midi event are not displayed properly as the event suddenly fills the whole track instead of just the bars that I recorded. The rest of the whole event is empty of course, as I did not record any MIDI data there.

Take a look at the attached file, the red lines mark where I want the event to start and end.

FYI, the events where it looks like its working, I cut manually.

Kind regards and thank you in advance :slight_smile: