Recording MIDI and Audio tracks

I have a project with a few tracks of MIDI, but now I’m trying to record an audio track. I’m able to record, but it’s only in my right ear. I noticed that when I go to inspector and click on stereo out, there isn’t a left/right. Instead, it shows links/rechts. Please help. Thanks!

Please list your software and hardware for the best assist. :wink:

Also… you did’t say what you are trying to record to audio?

In general, if you are trying to record from a mono audio source like a mic or guitar, make sure the connection being used on your audio interface is assigned as a mono input bus (not stereo) in the Cubase VST Connections menu. That mono bus must be assigned as the input bus to the audio track you are recording to. The audio track can be a mono or stereo track. I record all my audio to stereo tracks because some stereo VST insert effects don’t sound right when inserted on a mono audio track (other users may have a differing opinion on this thought). Also, in general, that audio track would have your main stereo output bus assigned to it.

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Hi Prock, others,

I am also facing the same issue.

Input source is a Midi Player (M-Audio Oxygen 49), Windows 10, Cubase 9.
I am using Halion Sonic SE2 VST

When I hear the recording or export as wav file, I hear the sound only on one side of the headphone. The other side it is quite feeble.

How can I have the midi inputs playback in stereo?

Attaching a screenshot.
See the main sound control in the VST instrument, highlighted with yellow color. it needs to be moved to the right to have a balanced sound from a mono sounding output.