recording midi and audio with Omnisphere 2.6

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

I have lately been dabbling with Omnisphere 2.6, and would like some advise as to the best way of routing. So i can record midi and the audio from Omnisphere at the same time
What I have is an instrument track,with Omnisphere loaded, and several midi tracks so I can select a different sound to use
I have my audio outputs selected in Omnisphere,but the sounds are only coming from one mixer channel and not individually
but not too sure on the next steps.
Pretty confused right now :confused:

Of course any advice would be welcome :slight_smile:


In Omnisphere, go to the multi page an on the left side change the outs to A-H and then, on the VST Instrument window, go to the top left corner of Omnisphere and “activate all outputs”. PS you can activate all outputs at once by shift clicking on the first and last and then activating. You can also save this as a track preset which will load all Omnisphere as well as 8 audio outputs.

Thanks beatpete!
Much appreciated :slight_smile: