Recording MIDI Automation with an outboard controller

Hello there.
I have recently upgraded from Cubase Elements to Artist, and I can’t figure out how to record Midi Controller data (mostly CC1 Modulation and CC11 Expression) with an outboard Midi controller (M-Audio Keystation Pro and/or Akai MPD 26) to the Automation Lane of a Midi Track.
When turn on Automation write and I play the song, even though I can hear the controller effect, nothing gets recorded. I would like the automation to be recorded directly to the Automation lane, but this just does not happen. The only solution is to hit Record (instead of Play) and extract the recorded Midi Automation and delete the Part that was created in the recording process. Now, this is exactly two more steps than necessary, so I would like to ask for some help in order to have a better workflow.
What makes this even more annoying, that in Elements the Midi Automation recording with outboard controller works as it should. I turn on Write, hit Play, fiddle with the knobs and pedals, and everything gets recorded right into the Automation Lane. Can this behaviour be taught to Artist too?

You have Options…

The basic approach is to use the track Quick Controls.

These allow you have 8 continuous controllers that can be quickly/easily reassigned on a track by track, or plugin by plugin basis.

Another approach is to statically bind controls using generic remote maps. These are capable of remote controlling pretty much everything in Cubase, plus whatever plugins are loaded into the DAW that have registered VST parameters.

Personally I like to use a combination of Quick Controls and Static Generic Remote bindings. I use different MIDI ports/channels and swap presets on my controller to go back and forth among setups. I use the Generic Remote to control the Cubase Mixer, transport, do step input in the MIDI editors, etc. A quick switch on my controller and I can use the Quick Controls for track by track controls. Really…the possibilities are endless in ways one can choose to set up remote controls. Also, these days one can get apps for Android or iOS for a song and a dance that can add extra controllers using everyday mobile devices.

While unconventional, it’s also possible to store and edit anything you do with generic remote maps in MIDI tracks (in lieu, or in addition to whatever VST automation lanes are involved). The key to achieving this to install a virtual MIDI port (I.E. loopMIDI for Windows, for macs - Core Audio), and route back into remote maps. I.E. MIDI Controller Output > Cubase MIDI Track Input > Virtual Port Input > Generic Remote Map Input.


Does Artist have the menu: MIDI>CC Automation Setup? (I don’t have a way to launch Cubase Artist at the moment) If so, in the window it opens, change the Record Destination on Conflict to MIDI part.

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Thank you Steve, this was the solution.