Recording MIDI controllers from interapp


Happy user of Cubasis and a ton of synth-apps, I was wondering if it is possible to record “knob-movements” from another app (Like iMini, Arturia Isem, Sunrizer and the like) directly from the synth app, into Cubasis, kind of like you can do with the automation feature in Cubasis’ own Micrologue.

However I connect my external app (through audio bus or interapp protocol) it seems that I cannot record the “knob-movements”, leaving me only with the alternative of finding (or learning) the specific controllers CC value (MIDI controller maps are available for most of them) and “drawing” the automation for the appropriate CC in cubasis’ controller lane(s).

It would be nice to be able to use the synth-app itself as a “virtual controller”, recording the sweeps from this directly into Cubasis during MIDI recording.

I am aware, that I could use a hardware controller for this, but what I want, is to record the movement from the app itself, using this as the controller, as this seems the most intuitive way of making live recording of sweeps (and the like) directly to Cubasis MIDI, without having to “draw” the controllers in Cubasis, or use a hardware controller (or recording the sweeps during audio-recording through audiobus)

Any ideas?

Thanx in advance.


A MIDI-learn function is on our future request list.

Thank you!

Thanks for reply, and thank you for considering MIDI learn.

Not sure that it really is what I am after, though.

What I was looking for was a way of recording the knob moves (live) on the (interapp) app itself, NOT learning some “component” in Cubasis to “mimic” the move only to move (and record) this as a rather sorry excuse for the real thing :smiley:

Why not just make it possible to activate “automation” (well, I guess its not exactly automation in this case, but you could activate “CC recording” for an interapp-track with the normal “W” - Write automation - on the track, or even better, just capture the CCs along with the notes during normal recording) and then record the movements of the knob(s) to the appropriate CC lane(s) in cubasis (the one with the same CC number as the knob sends). After all, the knobs for filters, envelopes, osc-modes etc. on most interapp synths are not nomally advanced MIDI (like sysex) but just simple CC’s that could be recorded. (That is: actually I only know what they r e c e i v e - see for an example the iMS 20 MIDImap, attached below - not what they send - if anything?)

So maybe the problem is, that the app only r e c e i v e s MIDI CC, not transmits it?. If so, it would not be possible to record the actual knob-move (but maybe go further, and extend the interapp-standard to claim s e n d i n g CC’s to fully comply)?

If the problem is missing transmission of CCs in some apps (synths), maybe someone could point me to a synth app, that actually t r a n s m i t CCs (so far I have tried Sunrizer, iMS20, iMINI, iSEM, iPolySix, with no luck)

Hope you see what I mean - a bit hard to explain in short :slight_smile:

iMS20 synth MIDI Map: MIDI Control Chart

PS.: finding the CC in the map and drawing in the apropriate lane in Cubasis is working, which confirms that the controller knob in the app, actually recieves the “move” (actually - maybe not surprisingly - it is animating the drawings by “turning” the knob at play back.)

Best regards