Recording MIDI events to an Audio track

This used to be a simple process whereby I would create a single Audio track, and then record a select group of MIDI tracks to that Audio track. Now with C8, nothing happens: no information is recorded on that Audio track. This is probably operator error, but I’m puzzled as that is what the manual says to do. Any suggestions? Thanks

Does “render in place” provide what you need or are tying to accomplish?

If you mean render in place, this only works if your midi track is connected to an instrument track. Because midi tracks don’t have audio ouput, they just contain the note values.

Thanks for the info and suggestion. I’ve never worked with track rendering, but I’ll give it a shot. For this project I’m only recording using MIDI from my keyboard and VST’s, and the VST’s can be mixed down via audio mixdown from the export menu, I was just having trouble getting the sounds off my keyboard.

Hi, facing same issue for converting midi track to audio. Could you please help. I am using mix with cubase AI6