Recording midi events with M-Audio 61es

Hi, I can’t record midi events with any VST instrument in Cubase 7.5. I’m using an M-Audio 61es with the most recent drivers. It’s a USB midi keyboard so no Midi In or Out cables. Maybe this is the problem but I’m told that it should work with just the USB cable connected. My sound card is Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 and I’m using Windows 8.1. Once I create a midi or instrument track and load the VST I select the record enable and monitor buttons and can hear the sounds but when I try to record it doesn’t save any of the midi input events. I’ve gone through the operation manual to double check my set up and messed around with the midi channel settings but without any joy.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.



I’m using the same keyboard, but on Mac. Sometimes I see no input. What I do is turn it off and on again, and everything will be fine. But that’s only Mac.

I have no idea how Win8.1 is structured, but maybe turning it off and on again will solve your problem, (probably alongside a restart).

One more thing, are you sure there is a dedicated Win8.1 driver released for your keyboard? I just checked and there were none. Not that it is really needed, but you certainly don’t have the latest driver. It is supposed to work just as it is.

Good luck.

one more thing: make sure you have connected your keyboard to a USB 2 port and NOT a USB 3 port.

I have a similar set up with the 88es. Sometimes, something ( I’m guessing its the m-audio) turns off the midi ports and I have to re set them.
Just in case make sure the 61es is transmitting on ch 1.

Thanks for the responses. I managed to get it to work by connecting the Midi out of the 61es to the Midi in of my sound card and that did the trick. I didn’t think it was necessary to use the Midi cable as I was able to play and hear the sounds just having it connected to the PC via the USB cable. I also contacted M-Audio about it as they don’t support this midi keyboard under Windows 8 onwards but they told me that it didn’t matter as it was a class compliant device. I had to take his word on that.

Anyhow, I’m up and running.