Recording midi from an external synth

Hi everyone, i’ve had been using cuebase for years and have never really fully understood how to set up a proper connection for my synths.
I can get cuebase to a point where it recognises i’m playing as the audio moves on the fader after i’ve set up the synth in VST Connections & Midi Device Manager but when i try to record notes into midi it just stays blank. I had this problem on Mac but was able to record the midi straight to audio using a separate audio track and setting the input as the external synth however since ive moved to windows this hasnt worked as the external synth doesnt even show up.
Please can someone help me to understand why this is happening because ive got these synths staring me in the face everyday and its heartbreaking.



If you prepare this External Instrument, then add the Instrument Track. Select the External Instrument you have created and you are ready to go. Record the MIDI data to the Instrument Track and you would hear the audio via its Audio Return.

I was just busy with someone else trying to get this to work. Please take a look here also.

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