Recording midi from keyboard freezes my Cubase

I’m working on a project file with multiple songs inside. It’s a old project migrated from SX3 to Cubase 5.5.2

We plugged a Korg Triton midi out into my RME midi In, then use VSTis for the sounds.

I don’t know what happens but after a few takes or while doing some editing on the keyboard track, cubase freeze and dosen’t respond, playback continues but can’t be stopped, windows still works fine. We stopped trying after 10 crashes. That project worked fine for hours and hours before the damned keyboard bug. It was fine with the same keyboard a year ago when we recorded in SX3.
Cubase dosen’t write a crashlog.
I’ve tried removing the VST plugin folder, open again, record new keyboard, but it still freezes.
I’ve tried recording the same tracks but in a new project and this seems to works, but as soon as i copy it in the project, after a few seconds of editing or a sometimes a few minutes, cubase freeze.
I’ve tried going back to an older project save, record the keyboard again but still no success…
I don’t know what to do and my client comes back on thursday to record some more!

I’m on cubase 5.5.2, 32 bits, windows seven, RME digiface, gigabyte 965 mobo with quad i7 cpu, 4 gb of ram detected by windows.

Little update:
Seems like crashes occurs when i cut or edit that keyboard midi part.

I really need help on this one, my client is waiting to finish the project, but as soon as i edit some stuff, cubase crashes, i’m getting mad, it’s not fun at all!!!


Have you already moved the Cubase 5 prefs? That’s the first thing to do since it’s easy and non destructive. Also it does sound like there’s some kind of prefs problem.