Recording MIDI from separated Channels

Hi to everyone,

I got CuBase with my hardware and am completely new with it.

I play some auto-accompainment on my synt (Yamaha psr s770) and want to record it in Cubase. Than I would edit it in Cubase and play it on the synt again. CuBase would send MIDI signals to my synt and synt would play its own sounds on that notes.

Now, the problem is, that auto accompainment uses different sounds and sends notes for each sound over a different MIDI channel. In other DAW (Ableton, Reason, Pro Tools) one can set the MIDI input and output channel for each separate track and it works like charm.

I can’t make CuBase recording each MIDI channel to a separate track - it records all MIDI channels to each active track. What am I missing? Is it possible that CuBase can’t do such a simple thing that any other DAW does?

Hi and welcome,

Use Input Transformer to filter only wanted data to the track (dedicated MIDI Channel data, in your case).