Recording MIDI in Cubasis with IAA


I am new to Cubasis, and new to this forum.

I have run a couple problems with IAA in Cubasis. In most cases I am unable to record using IAA into Cubasis. I have followed all instructions, confirmed recording is enabled, microphone is on (in settings), yet I press record and no event is recorded. When I attempt to play other apps using IAA, with keys of pads, there is no audio at all. Blow are some details for my attempts, all using iPad Air 2, IOS 8.4.1

  1. Connecting IAA to Elastic drums, not recording, no audio with keys/pads.
  2. Connecting IAA Z3TA not recording, no audio with keys/pads
  3. Connecting IAA with Sunrizer, not records, plays audio with keys/pads
  4. Connecting IAA with Waldorf Nave, records, plays audio with keys/pads
  5. Connecting IAA with KORG iM1,not recording, Plays audio with keys/pads
    Once recording though, no audio playback with keys/pad

Overall it appears IAA recording is somewhat inconsistent with Cubasis. Could you please tell me why some apps work with IAA connection in Cubasis and other apps do not? Also, is there some step by step instruction for connecting and recording with IAA apps? I have reviewed the manual, and checked the forums, but there is no way for me to know for sure if I am performing the correct steps to make recording with IAA connected apps.

Thank you,

Hi Roger,

We have released an IAA tutorial some time ago (there should be user-created clips available on the web also):

Cubasis’ In-app help shows up with a dedicated Inter-App audio chapter as well.
Here is a link to the chapter of the online version of the manual:

Important Note:
The IAA apps that are not listed as instruments (only for audio track inputs) are in fact IAA generators (= only for audio tracks) and not IAA instruments, i.e. they cannot receive MIDI via IAA (only via CoreMIDI).

Please note that some third party apps do not provide the option to use (their) on-board keyboard to record MIDI via established IAA connection, while it can be used to record the audiostream via IAA. Use Cubasis’ keyboard in that case when recording MIDI tracks via IAA connection.

Hope that helps.