Recording MIDI in Cycle Mode...still hearing previous takes!

I feel like I learned this before in SX3 but things have changed maybe or I forgot lol.

Basically, when I loop a section and want to lay down a MIDI part over-n-over till I get it right, how do I get the past takes to be silent? I see on the transport panel that I can stack instead of merge or replace etc. But even set as stacked, I still dont want to hear my past take jumbling up my current take.

The only way I can get this to work is to STOP after each run, MUTE the past take, and then restart the loop…super inefficient.


Uhmmm…and speaking of which…how do we comp in MIDI??

Now that it took me forever to lay down 5 or 6 midi parts in their “lanes”, I guess the “comp tool” doesnt work the same way as it does for audio? What gives? I’m back to muting and unmuting all the different parts??

THANKS…this seems weird…I just feel like Im forgetting something. :unamused:


Look at the Transport Panel, on the Record mode section. Click on the lower part – MIDI. Choose “Stacked” from the “MIDI Cycle Record Mode”. Create MIDI/Instrument Track, create Loop, and start record in the loop.

I do have that selected. In my transport panel, “MIDI Cycle Record Mode” is and has been set to “stacked”. It seems to be working in the “stacked (no mute)” mode though if I understand that mode properly. I keep hearing the last take that I just laid down, screwing with the take that I’m trying to record.

Is there something else I need to have set also, maybe something in Preferences?



It works, how I expect, to me. It means, when I’m recording in Cycle mode, I can here just the actual played notes. Not other takes/Lanes.

MIDI Record Mode – new Parts
MIDI Cycle Record Mode – stacked.

I don’t know about any other settings, which should be done.
Screen Shot 2012-04-26 at 10.32.21.png

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Just thinking out loud here… there’s not some weird MIDI feedback loop thing going on anywhere with your setup is there…? Like a physical cable connected to an external device/keyboard somewhere…?

I have the same problem. my settings are new parts/ stacked . on page 103 it says All takes but the last one are muted.
But that is not happening, every lane is playing. I just want it to work like audio.

Thanks in advance

Same here!

Same problem, I hear all previous notes played why recording midi new track in stacked cycle mode. I thought this would for sure be something simple and the solution posted multiple times here already but cant find it.

I think I found a solution. I use cubase 8.5 and had the same problem. The previous midi tracks kept interfering with my current recording. The key is not record in the inspector and not to record into an existing midi clip, which you may have drawn in with the pen tool. Just mark a specific cycle, make sure there’s no midi clip in there and record. It should work then. :wink:

Hi guys,

I did exactly that (see picture) and it doesn’t work ! I send a ticket to cubase and they said it is not a “technical problem” but a using problem.

Can please somebody give me a solution, I’m cannot use the software since you cannot even mute lanes. I have to re-create a new track each time or delete all the previous lane. It really doesn’t woth the price. For that kind of crappy recording I could use audacity for free :laughing:

I’v got to confess that I am extremely disapointed with their customer support. I am starting to thing I should have gone with pro-tools instead :confused:
RĂ©glage rec Midi.png


I wonder you have another problem in this area. Could you try to run Cubase in Safe Start Mode or trash Cubase preferences, please?

Hi Martin,

thank you for the help. I tried what you suggested following this video’s process :

It still doesn’t work :confused: As I said all the settings are right the “new part” the “stacked” are selected. I really don’t understand. Have you gor any other idea ?

I feel hopeless I spend 600€ for a “professional” software and It doesn’t work.


Do you record to a MIDI track, or to an Instrument track? Do you use virtual instrument or hardware synth? Could you maybe make a video, to see as much details as possible?

Hi Martin,

thanks for the answer. It alright it’s fixed. What I didn’t get, is you have to make the recording in cycle mode at first so that the previous take could be mutted.

I was actually recording in normla mode then putting my markers and turned on cycle mode. Seems logical to me :slight_smile: So actually ther eis nothing wrong.

Thanks a lot for the help.


I’m glad it works to you.

I had the same struggle. Why cant it work like audio?
I end up needing to have 2 instruments created. One for monitoring the real time playing, and the other to actually record the midi. This is not intuitive. It works fine while one keeps cycling, but if you stop and then start recording again, you hear the last take. What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: I guess I figured out how to mute and unmute the takes. It must be what I was missing…so nevermind. Still seems inconsistent with audio tracks.

This is true, in cycle mode previous midi tracks are only muted during the first take. When you continue tot record after that you stopped the first recording you hear the last take It is unlike recording audio. Very disturbing and not logical.