Recording midi insert output to another Midi track

How do you record the output of a midi insert effect to a separate midi track?

I know about the merge midi in loop but I want to play with the density slider in real time and record all its variations in midi.

In Abelton Live, you select Midi to (select destination track). In the destination track, select midi from box and choose the track with the midi performance you want to record.

How is this done in Cubase?

Thank you in advance for you help.

In Cubase you select it in the MIDI input routing on the track.

In my midi port set up, I have the midi out 1 port checked as active; yet, when I try to find it in the track, Midi ins only show up. I don’t know, I’m totally lost on this one.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. If you or someone can describe how things should look, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Sorry, I misread your question I was thinking you´re talking abuout an insert with a MIDI output. I don´t think you can do what you want, other than maybe using a cable… -sorry for the confusion