Recording midi inside opened, existing midi-event

Since I switsched to Cubase 9 from Cubase 7.5 I have the following problem:
Everytime I want to record midi and I have the Midi-Event opened I want to record in (change it/add something e.g.), it creates a new midi-event. So I have to close the one I’m in and glue the new one and the old one together. It’s pretty time-consuming for me to do this everytime. Is there a setting to change this?
Thank you!!

Hi and welcome,

Make sure the Record in Editor button is enabled, and the focus (white frame) is in the editor.

Ok, I had the same problem until one moment ago.

Just as Martin said, make sure that the red recording button is on, the one inside midi editor!

Thanks Martin.

That’s it!
Thank you Martin!!!