recording MIDI into Cubasis - help please!

I’ve been trying to record MIDI from the DM2 drum machine into Cubasis, and can’t work out how to do it… :confused: In fact I only bought Cubasis because I read that it was one of the few apps that can actually record MIDI inputs. Nlog Pro does sometimes, but doesn’t seem to like drum machine MIDI, and anyway isn’t recording the DM2. And I don’t want to record just a short loop but a whole played sequence with variations, which is what DM2 is good at.

I’ll try to describe what I’ve done in the hope someone can tell me what I haven’t done, or have done wrong:

I’ve set DM2’s MIDI out channel to send to Cubasis and vice versa (picking MIDI channel 1 as DM2 output channel and the Cubasis MIDI track input channel).

The Cubasis MIDI track was set to a random Cubasis drum kit. I suppose that’s one candidate for being the problem, as I read somewhere something about setting the setting the instrument to “no instrument” - but I couldn’t do that because there is no “no instrument” option in the list of instruments! If someone knows (a) how to do that and (b) if it’ll make any difference, that info would be much appreciated.

Other than that, I set DM2 to play and Cubasis to record - the playhead (or record head I suppose) moves, but doesn’t fill in the space behind it and when I stop it, the track is still empty.

I expect I’m missing something really basic, and I’ll be very grateful to be told what it is… Thanks very much!

Hi flexitim,

Cubasis supports Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and Audio Unit to assign external instruments and/or effects.
From what I’ve read DM2 includes Inter-App Audio which might be a good option to use.

Please find a wide range of Cubasis tutorials on our website (see media section above) to learn more about how to use the supported formats:

Also Cubasis’ in-app help includes useful information how to instantly make use of these formats.

Additionally, please get in touch with DM2 to check if the app has been tested with Cubasis 2.
We’re able to support them with a promo code if they are not equipped with Cubasis 2.

Hope that helps.


Many thanks Lars. I do use Audiobus and occasionally IAA but I thought they would only give an audio output. Can they also be used to record MIDI ?

Hi flexitim,

Audiobus allows to record audio tracks as of now, IAA supports MIDI as well, available options depend on the app developers’ way of implementation. Here are more details:

Best thing is to check back with Audionomy what IAA types are supported with DM2.