Recording Midi Loop Into 1 Event

Hello! Here is my situation:
For example I have 1 track with a 4 bar drum loop, and an instrument track on wich I want to record some midi. I’m creating a 4 bar cyrcle loop and record some midi into instrument track for 8 bars (for example). Is there any midi record option to make all midi recorded into one take successively so that I can expand the midi event and the previous for bars will be there?

I tried different midi record options and I didn’t find the solution.

I attached some screenshots how I made it in Studio One

Thank you!

is it retrospective recording you are asking for?

or are you thinking that you shortened a midi clip and want your midi data back? then I guess you could just drag it out again

If you’re on a 4 bar loop but want to have a separate MIDI part for each take, try use the stacked MIDI record mode. It will create separate parts on each cycle in each lane. Then you need to drag the part into the next 4 bars. I think this is the only way unless you set the cycle to 8 bars.

Thank you for the replies!

You are right.
I found that recording new successive takes into the same midi event (with cycle loop) is impossible. Stacked MIDI record mode is an alternative in this case.