Recording Midi out from Omnisphere


Is there a way to record the midi out signal from Omnisphere ? It has no midi out itself.
I want to record a pattern I made in " latch and live" mode with several arpeggiator tracks.
And if not can I make a send from one instr. track to a audio track to record the audio ?

Hans Henrik

Assuming you have some midi data in your composition which triggers the synth… Just set your start and end locators, then do an export audio mixdown from the File menu and allow it to add that rendered track back into the project. This is in the operations PDF too.


Yeah I know I can make an export, but in Omnisphere´s live mode there is no midi data recorded in cubase. Omnisphere remembers the midi data. So I need to route either the midi out from Omnisphere to a midi in track or the instr. track to an audio track.


I’m not quite getting what is is that you are unable to achieve :confused:
Do you wish to record into Cubase the discrete MIDI notes generated by Omni’s Arpeggiator? (as you said yourself, Omnisphere doesn’t transmit MIDI data, so the answer to that is, obviously “no”)
As regards using Live Mode, so long as whatever you are using to activate the various Live slots is recorded into a Cubase MIDI or Instrument track, then it should play back identically to when you played it.
As regards recording the audio that is output from Omnisphere, then just do as NorthWood MediaWorks has suggested…File menu>Export>Audio Mixdown (probably best to activate “Realtime”)

I really don’t understand what you mean by “Omnisphere remembers the MIDI data” . :confused:

Thank you for answering.

What I mean by “Omnisphere remembers the MIDI data” is using different patches with arpeggiator in latch mode.
Then Omnisphere plays by itself. I gives a very intuitive way of playing/composing.
What I miss is being able to record the result when I am satisfied. BFD2 has midi out and I find it very usable.

I thought there maybe was a way to route the midi signal or audio back to cubase without using the export function.

I guess I just have to press rec in cubase everytime I fool around with omnisphere in latch mode.

Aloha H,

What you asked would be nice but I’m sure the omni folks don’t want users doing that.
It would be kind of like ‘giving away the store’.

What omni wants is for you to input your MIDI data and then the omni magic happens.

If omni could send all that great work back out as MIDI data, after a while
we would not need omni anymore.

Imagine the MIDI libraries that could be built.

You would always need Omnisphere ,otherwise you’d just be using the same midi data you ceated over and over. I don’t think Spectrasonics cares one bit about this. Nobodies afraid of making arp’s with midi outs cause the gem is in making new and varied patterns. Same with Omnisphere.

Spectrasoncs tech support is really helpful and responds within a business day or so. Give them a try and report back!

Basically, it’s a feature of the VSTi instrument … or not!

A few instruments, for examples Groove Agent 2, Bonnemark (sp?) Bass, Jamstix, etc., can also stream the midi they are using to trigger their internal samples, thus permitting the midi to be recorded. This is because they already have midi generating engines inside them that are themselved activated by midi note messages. They have been specifically designed to pass this data along.

While midi streaming makes a lot of sense in a drum VSTi or a Bass line VSTi … it doesn’t really make a lot of sense in a synth.

I’m not aware of any VSTi synths, including Omnisphere, that do this … unless you want to count the dinky ones like in The System that are primarily intended to help compose midi.

I do believe Omnisphere permits you to export as midi files anything you create in the arppegiator … but this is an entirely different thing. You can take those midi files and then use them as a template/ framework to recreate your own equivalent using ArpacheSX of Arpache5.

Just place that midi arp file in Cubase, duplicate it for a couple of bars, cycle play it with an instrument you like.

Now set up the same instrument feeding another midi track, insert your midi arp plugin in the inspector and just keep manipulating until the one you are working on matches the one you took out of Omnisphere. Save it as a preset for ArpacheSX or Arpache5 (or any other midi arp plugin you might have), and ‘presto!’ Now you have the same arp voice for anytime and any instrument you care to use it on.


If there is any MIDI out included in the plugin, it becomes available as a MIDI in inside Cubase.
If Omnisphere supports this !!!, you can simply do the following:

  1. Record your sequences into the corresponding MIDI track routed to Omnisphere.
  2. Create another MIDI track and select OmniSphere as MIDI In, enable record and record it.

Hope this helps.
All the best.