Recording midi overdub

In recording midi instrument I then added some notes. It seems to have added a layer. When I click to edit the notes only last layer shows. I assume I must use “glue” control but it’s not actived. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Jazzathon,

Thanks for your message.

The added layer concept enables you to easily delete overdubs, if recordings fail.
Here are the steps, to glue multiple takes into a single MIDI event:

  • Tap the SELECT button from within the top sub menu
  • Tap the event, you want to “glue” with other events below
  • Tap the GLUE button in the top sub menu

Here are some addtional tipps:

  • Tap and hold in a free arrange area and move your finger to select/glue parts that are located next to each other
  • Use horizontal/vertical zoom via pinch/spread gesture to quickly change the view of your arrangement

Hope that helps…